A session on Career option as a Scientist

March 02, 2024

On 2 March 2024, St Aloysius Gonzaga School held a session for Class VIII students aimed at raising awareness of diverse career options by Ms Chethana Badekar, a forest scientist. The session began with an address from the Principal, Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo. He commended the parent who initiated the session and emphasized the importance of exposing students to various career options. Ms Badekar shared her personal experiences as a forest scientist, highlighting the challenges she faced and emphasizing the importance of perseverance. She encouraged the students to "never drop their dreams" and pursue their aspirations regardless of the obstacles they encounter. Ms Badekar further emphasized the significance of choosing a career based on individual interests and strengths, rather than solely focusing on popular choices like medicine or engineering.  It was an insightful session for the Students of Class VIII to know the career options as a scientist in forest field.