The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of our School is a vibrant body that not only fosters an effective relationship between the school, teachers and parents, but also involves the parents in the progress of their wards as well as the overall growth and development of the school. The membership of the PTA is extended to the parents and official guardians of the students currently studying in the School and all the teaching faculty of the School.

It is the firm belief of the School Management that the PTA can contribute much to the academic excellence that the school is striving for as well as provide the necessary support to the School in its efforts to create a holistic atmosphere for the growth of their wards into responsible citizens – all this with due respect to the autonomy of the School in its administration and management.


    a. To foster and maintain mutual understanding and co-operation between the parents and the school.

    b. To promote and support the all-round development of the school

    c. To encourage and enable students to achieve excellence in academics and other related fields.

    d. To institute awards, trophies in academics, sports and culture.

    e. To suggest ways and means to support excellence in holistic education.

    f. To co-operate with the school in the important activities organized during the year.

    g. To assist school in resolving the collective safety and security issues of the students

    h. To help the school in providing financial assistance to students in need.


Since PTA cannot be present at all times to discuss its needs, a Parent Teacher Executive Committee (PTEC) is formed every year to assist in this process. The PTEC is formed by choosing one parent representative from each class. There will be proportionate teacher representation too in the PTEC. The PTEC is headed by the Principal and includes the vice-principal, teachers, parent representatives and co-opted members. Meetings are held on regular basis to discuss some of the academic events, challenges faced by the school and plans for the overall development of the students.