Student Exchange Programme- Fostering global citizenship and cultural understanding:

At St Aloysius Gonzaga School, we believe in the power of global education to shape compassionate and open-minded individuals. Our constant efforts to be the ‘School collaborative partner’ with Leone XIII School, Milan, Italy, paved the way for the Student Exchange Programme in the Academic Year 2022-23. Prof Marcella Valvo and Ms Sara Blandini from the Jesuit School Instituto Leone XIII, Milan, Italy visited our school in February 2023 as a preparatory visit for a student exchange programme. Later in October 2023, Prof Marcella and four students Lombardi Valerio, Soldati Angelica, Asterite Ludovica and Marigliano Flaminia from Institute Leone XIII visited our school for a week. Through this exchange programme, students not only enriched their academic knowledge but also developed essential life skills such as adaptability, communication, and resilience.

At St Aloysius Gonzaga School we aim at instilling and honing 21st century skills through a plethora of activities. One such activity is our interaction and collaboration with overseas centres of learning. The key element of collaboration is the willingness to share our ideas and adopt others. The collaborative projects give freedom to students to explore creatively and think critically beyond textbooks and rote learning.

International Collaboration through British Council:

Keeping its focus on International Collaboration, St Aloysius Gonzaga School, right from its inception in 2012, registered itself under the British Council’s “Connecting Classrooms”. Under this project, the school has had the opportunity to connect with schools from Italy, UK, Germany, Poland, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The successful completion of British Council projects has been duly rewarded with the International School Award 2013-16, International School Award 2016-19 and International Dimensions in Schools (IDS) 2022-25. The collaborative venture each time has enriched the students and teachers involved in the projects and created in them a desire to participate in more projects.

International Collaboration through Educate Magis:

The school is also registered on an online platform of world-wide network of Jesuit schools called Educate Magis and students are exposed to collaborative projects through live interactions with overseas Jesuit schools. All the Jesuit Schools are connected in this platform. The online platform provides opportunities for connecting classrooms for students besides offering various modules on trainings for teachers.

International Collaboration with Individual Schools Abroad:

Since 2015, St Aloysius Gonzaga School has been partnering with Instituto Leone XIII, a Jesuit school from Milan, Italy, for E-twinning projects. Both the schools are actively connected with their classroom teaching enabling students to have an online international exposure. Due to this collaboration, the School had international visitors who visited our school and interacted with our students and staff.