A session on Psycho-Sexual Development by Dr Caroline P Dsouza For Class IX (2023-24)

September 14, 2023

St Aloysius Gonzaga School organized a training session for students of Class IX on 14th September 2023 on the topic “Psycho-Sexual Development”. Dr Caroline P Dsouza, consultant psychiatrist at Falnir Health Center, Mangalore was the resource person for the session.

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to the esteemed guest and the gathering by Ms. Ashwini. Principal Fr. Melwyn Anil Lobo S.J initiated the session, emphasizing the relevance of Psycho-Sexual Development to the students' current stage of life. He highlighted that various bodily changes occurring at this age could impact their daily lives and stressed the importance of accepting these changes to facilitate better coping mechanisms. It was emphasized that providing students with insights into Psycho-Sexual Development at this age is essential for their healthy and well-groomed growth.

Dr. Caroline P. Dsouza took the lead in the session, emphasizing that sexual growth is a natural process. She delved into the various changes that occur in a child's body, highlighting the differences between boys and girls. She also discussed how children can fall victim to phone-related crimes due to mobile addictions and provided strategies to avoid such traps, offering real-life examples of children who have encountered these issues. Her presentation further covered the challenges adolescents face, including internet addiction, its impact, and associated risk factors, as well as adolescents' sexuality in the context of India. She concluded the session by summarizing key learning points for the students, who actively interacted with the resource person to clarify their queries.

Ms Vidya Esther proposed the vote of thanks. The session was compered by Ms Tanuja.