Outreach programme-Sahaya Club

November 19, 2022

The Sahaya Club, comprising 27 students from Class XI carried out their first initiative, in visiting Cheshire Home, Kankanady, Mangalore, led by teacher-in-charge Ms Tanuja Domber, and Ms Shamitha Shetty, on 19 November 2022. The old-age home offers its residents - currently 17 in number - the opportunity to live the rest of their lives in an environment that is loving and caring. The students came through with donations of groceries, snacks and other provisions to aid the home. In addition, students organised and put on a performance for residents which consisted of a prayer song, songs in Hindi, English and Kannada, a lively dance, and an action song. The sisters and the inmates of the Cheshire home wholeheartedly thanked the students for their devoted service and generous contribution. The initiative was the first of many that are yet to come, in the hopes of creating a social impact and fulfilling the mission of the school, to form men and women for and with others.