‘Bunny Movement’-Love for parents

November 02, 2022

Character formation is the main aim of the Bunny Movement and to sensitise the tiny tots on the theme ‘Love for parents’, a talk by the school was organized during the assembly.

On 2nd November 2022, the kindergarteners, wearing Bunny Aprons were eagerly waiting for the new activity of the day. Ms Aparna Suresh, the kindergarten coordinator introduced Ms Betila Sequeira, the school counsellor, to the kindergarteners. She interacted with the students in an innovative way. She had come with her friend ‘Ratatouille’. She taught a simple dance, ‘Chop, chop banana, peel, peel banana’ which the students enjoyed to the chore. She explained the role of parents in our life and advised them to love their parents and help them in their work. The smart bunnies were assigned a task to help their parents with any household work, click a picture and send it to the class teacher which they did enthusiastically. It was amazing to see the response received for the Bunny activity. The enthusiasm shown by the parents towards the school activity was an example, of how the school and parents can work hand in hand to mould young learners as responsible kids.