Visit to ALVANA (Centre For Sustainable Biodiversity)

April 04, 2022

ALVANA – an Arboretum – with an expanse of about 1.5 acres is maintained as a mini biodiversity spot on the St Aloysius Campus with its natural flora and fauna. About 150 plants belonging to 70 different species are maintained in this Arboretum. The management of St Aloysius College recognizes that forests, coasts, water bodies, ground water and biodiversity are all important prerequisite for life on this planet and sustainable development. Organic waste is managed efficiently through vermi-compost unit that is available in the campus. Al-vana serves as a focus for reforestation and soil conservation efforts in the area. St Aloysius College Alumni Association (SACAA) officially launched its initiative themed ‘Own a Tree’ campaign in ALVANA.

       We have encouraged students to conserve and take care of trees and not to destroy them. The students of Class X (2021-22) batch had an opportunity to visit the ALVANA on 4 April 2022. We took the students in smaller groups and they were excited to see the varieties of plants in ALVANA. The students were able to get an opportunity to identify different species of plants. They were motivated by looking at the old things being reused and realized the importance of conserving the biodiversity. It was a very good experience for our students to walk in the midst of the nature and appreciate the different exotic varieties of plants. Al-vana serves as a focus for reforestation and soil conservation in that area.

     The students of Class X (2021-22 batch) and the Eco-club contributed towards the ‘Owning a tree campaign’ and owned three trees