Educate Magis connected classrooms

February 18, 2022

A collaborative project between India-Philppines-Malta

for 6–7-year-old age group students


Students of class I participated in a collaborative virtual project through connected classrooms on Educate Magis, a global network of Jesuit schools. It was an opportunity for the young learners to interact with Jesuit schools between Ateneo de Manila Grade School, Philippines and St Aloysius College, Malta.  “Looking after our Common Home: Making our Homes Greener” was the theme of the project, which aimed to sensitise students to understand the importance of taking care of our common home. The topic was divided into 3 sessions, the first session, getting to know each other’s school was held on 18 February 2022. Each school introduced themselves and shared pictures of their school, initiatives and ideas followed in their respective school and their home to make it environment friendly. The second session which was held on 4 March included sharing of posters drawn by the students of class I, three students speaking on the topic “Caring for our school and home”. The third session was to singing a song on environment in the native language to expose the students to different languages and develop an appreciation towards each other’s language. Students enjoyed working on this project especially introducing themselves on a zoom platform, poster making and singing. They also learned that they are a part of a bigger world.