Bridging Borders through Education: E-Twinning project between St Aloysius Gonzaga School and Instituto Leone XIII, Milan, Italy

February 05, 2024

Students of Class V worked on an E-twinning project with Year 5 students of Instituto Leone XIII, Milan, Italy. The project commenced in January 2024 with many interesting multidisciplinary activities on the topics of the ‘Human Body’ and the ‘Solar System’. The finale of the project was held on 5 February 2024, through a Google Meet.

The subject teachers had laid a groundwork ensuring students were well-equipped with the necessary knowledge. Eager minds buzzed with excitement as they answered and posed questions in an engaging quiz session. A beautifully sung "Solar System song" by St Aloysius students and Instituto Leone XIII students resonated with their counterparts, adding a melodious touch to the intellectual feast. The esteemed Principal, Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ, graced the online meet with his presence, applauding the students' commendable efforts. Ms Aparna Suresh, the Vice-principal, coordinated the project with Ms Cristina Chiochio of Leone XIII school, supported by a dedicated team of teachers: Ms Beena Rosita Pais, Ms Sushma, Ms Smitha Jackline Amanna, Ms Teena Elizabeth Abraham, and Ms Rishel D'Souza. In conclusion, this eTwinning project stands as a beacon of educational excellence, nurturing cultural understanding and intellectual exchange between young minds, leaving an indelible mark on all involved.