Bakrid-Eid Ul Adha

July 21, 2021

Report on Bakrid - Eid Ul Adha
"May the quality of caring and sharing grow in us on this occasion of Bakrid" was the message to the Gonzagaites by the Principal, Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ. To spread the festivity of Eid and to sensitize the students about the values of caring, sharing and sacrifice, St. Aloysius Gonzaga School released a video on 21st July 2021, which included prayers from the Holy Quran, significance of the Feast, dance, festival greetings and a thought-provoking message by the Principal.
In his message the Principal emphasized on the main values to be learned from this feast, deep faith and devotion in God and the act of sharing. He further mentioned that the sharing nature of the feast makes it special and has a message for all of us and gave a call to students to reach everyone in the society amidst these difficult times. Ms. Reshma Lobo and Ms. Gloria Misquith coordinated the event.