INTERNATIONAL VISITORS IN ST ALOYSIUS GONZAGA SCHOOL. Prof Victoria Tenriero, Prof Segio Ramiro, University of Catolica, Spain

July 19, 2022

St Aloysius Gonzaga School had the privilege of having two International visitors visiting the school, on 19 July 2022. Prof Victoria Tenriero and Prof Sergio Ramiro who are associated with University of Catolica, Valencia, Spain had a fruitful interaction with the Principal and teachers. The discussion was mainly around the current education system in Spain, importance of inclusive education practiced in Spanish education system. The Principal Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo shared insightful information about the education system followed in the school. Adding on to his points, the teachers shared the best practices adopted by them like morning assembly, club activities, extra-curricular activities, sports, green initiatives, and so on. It was a great experience to know each other's country and sharing the best practices. The activities of the harmony club, eco club, International Dimension in the curriculum, understanding and respect towards different religions were appreciated by the Spanish visitors.  Dr Shalini Ayyappa, Asst Professor and Department Head of Psychology - Undergraduate and Post Graduate, St Aloysius College (Autonomous) accompanied them. Vice-principal Ms Laurel D Souza and all the teaching staff participated in the discussion. Ms Aparna Suresh coordinated the event.