Report on Jyothi Pradhan Ceremony of Class X (2021-22)

March 24, 2022

"Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly."
St Aloysius Gonzaga School held "Jyothi Pradhan" ceremony for 77 students of Class X on March 24th, 2022. The ceremony began with a meaningful prayer service by the staff members. Ms Aparna Suresh welcomed the gathering. "Light symbolizes a divine presence, a ray of hope which is the only source of all creation which dispels all darkness and ushers in wisdom, knowledge and understanding" said Mrs Laurel Dsouza while highlighting the importance of light in each one's life. The oiling of the lamp was done by the dignitaries and the teachers of Class X who were a part of their journey.
During Jyothi Pradhan, a Diya was lit by the Rector Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto SJ, Principal Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ, Vice Principal Mrs Laurel Dsouza and the Class teachers of Class X, Ms Preethan Pereira and Ms Deepa Karkada and then the students of Class X in turn lighted their lamps from the main Diya and placed them on the beautiful flower rangoli symbolising that they will carry the light of learning they received at St Aloysius Gonzaga wherever they move ahead in their life.The outgoing students took the pledge led by the Principal promising their loyalty and service to their alma mater.To cherish the memories of the time spent in school, a power point presentation titled "Memories down the lane" was presented by Ms Shwetha Acharya. To bring delight to this memorable moment, the Principal along with the staff members wished the students adieu by singing a melodious farewell song.
On behalf of the outgoing students, Bhargav Kamath and Evana Kiran Dsouza shared their experience in St Aloysius Gonzaga School and said they will cherish their moments spent in the school as a Gonzagaite. They were grateful to Rector, Principal, Vice-Principal, Teaching and non-teaching staff for showering on them a lot of love, knowledge and blessings. Ms Preethan Periera and Ms Jisha Thomas expressed their views and wished them well for their future. The Parent representative Mrs Kiran Shetty, parent of Preritha Shetty, shared her experience being in this school for the last 10 years and expressed gratitude towards the management. The distribution of mementos to the students was undertaken by Ms Arunima Thulasidas.
Principal, Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ said, "This is not a farewell. Definitely not to those who are continuing their class 11 in this school but it is Jyothi Pradhan. The light which is presented to you is not only to illumine your life but also life others. Today, after being educated in this institution for the last 10 years or less, we are presenting you to the world. Go and live in the world as lights facing all its challenges and overcoming them. When we become light for others, we naturally light our own path." The Rector of St Aloysius Institutions, Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto SJ was the chief guest of the program and said, "The teachers have given you the education. It is like the lanterns of light in your hands. The values that you have learnt here should be nurtured in your life and the light is passed on. Love everyone including those who hate you. Basically, be a good human. The society around is so divisive. When you grow up, take a pledge and remember that you will not do anything that will break the unity. Every student is unique. Raise up and do something great with hard work." He appreciated all the teachers and parents for their selfless efforts in moulding the students into better human beings.
The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Sandhya Manoj. The programme was compered by Ms Deepa Karkada. The outgoing students handed over a Sony boom - box music system to the Principal as a token of love and gratitude to the alma mater. Ms Preethan Periera and Ms Deepa Karkada were the programme coordinators.