March 17, 2022

A Beautiful Life Begins With A Beautiful Mind.
Abraham Harold Maslow in his theory proved that one among the basic needs includes shelter, along with it if we have our loved ones, the biggest blessing we could all have. But there are people without either of those, and that's when Mrs. Corrine Rasquinha founded the Whites Doves, around 26 years ago. It was born out of the mission to offer a dignified life to the least, last and lost souls of our society. Class X students of St Aloysius Gonzaga School got an excellent opportunity on 17th March 2022, to have a visit to White Doves. There were 130 inmates including children. The School contributed the birthday fund as a simple token of love and support, which was handed over by the Head boy Rafan Ignatius DíSouza and Head girl Jewel Isabella Cutinha to the secretary of the institute. The students got a good experience to mingle with the inmates, which really added on to their empathetic and social skills. The students sang melodious songs for the inmates and all were quite entertained. The founder, Mrs. Corrine gave an inspiring talk to the students, concerning the motto of the institute and how every individual should involve oneself along with others - where the growth begins. The institute was well maintained and inmates were well disciplined. Mr. Jerald, the manager of the institute took the students around explaining the procedures, inmateís routines and how they are cared for in the institute. The students were also fascinated by the pets that were kept with the idea of making the inmates interactive by their playfulness. Teachers Ms. Deepa Karkada, Ms. Preethan Pereira, Ms. Agnes Saldanha, Mr. Aditya Shetty, Mr. Stalin DíSouza and Ms Surya Mohan accompanied the students. The Program was coordinated by the School Counselor- Surya Mohan.