Report on English Literary Week

August 31, 2021

St Aloysius Gonzaga School observed Literary Week with an array of activities through the week from 25th to 31st August, 2021. This week is observed each year to ignite and fuel new interest in reading, creative writing, listening and verbal skills, decision making, creativity and abstract thinking.
The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm in activities like name dots, fun with words, poetry recitation, narrate your favourite story, dancing butterfly, weave a story, puppet show, bubbles, clouds, book review, artful artist, you're hired and travel agent. All the participants were presented with an e-certificate.
The Finale of the English Literary Week was released on the school YouTube channel where students put up an impeccable performance which included prayer song, significance of the week, skit, song on celebrate life and a fashion show performed by the students of class 7 & 8 representing four countries: India, Japan, China and Egypt it's culture, attire and influence of English literature in their lives. The fashion show was conducted also in collaboration with the British Council Project IDS. The Principal Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ in his address highlighted that English is a global language.
It enhances ones personality, interactive skill and imagination. He further gave a call to students to learn English and be a part of Global citizens. The English Literary week reached its summit with the showcasing of magnum opuses by our students.