A visit to the Fisheries College, Mangaluru

January 07, 2022

As a part of the British Council's IDS project, "Integrated Livestock Farming", the students of Class IX of St Aloysius Gonzaga School visited the Fisheries College, Mangaluru, on 7th January 2022.
Pisciculture being an important Animal Husbandry, was one of the topics of study in this project. This visit aimed to study the importance of fisheries and to understand the different methods used in the rearing of fish.
The students were curious to learn the various opportunities available in the field of Pisciculture as well as the different aquaculture resources. Dr Abhiman P.B, Dr Rajesh and Dr LakshmiPathi M.T gave a lot of insights on the importance of Pisciculture, aquatic habitat affecting the marine and freshwater fishes, Anatomy of few marine animals and the methods used in rearing a variety of fishes. This visit to Fisheries College was very informative and useful for our students as we believe that a practical exposure to the concepts learnt in the classroom will have more impact on the students' learning. The staff of Fisheries College were very cooperative and extended their valuable time to explain the various topics under Pisciculture. It was a great experience for our students.