The school follows the curriculum provided by CBSE and seeks to provide opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning. The curriculum aims at achieving cognitive, affective and psychomotor excellence: enhancing self-awareness and exploring innate potential; attaining mastery over laid down competencies; imbibing 21st century learning, literacy and life skills

Kindergarten section has subjects such as Literacy, Numeracy, EVS, General knowledge, Hindi, and Art and Craft. The concepts are taught through play way method where learning is made a joyful experience. Literacy skills are developed through phonetics. The kindergarteners enjoy storytelling, rhymes exercise, games, music, art and craft throughout the term. They are also encouraged to participate in various competitions to discover their talents.

Class I to V have the core subjects English, Hindi, Kannada, EVS and Mathematics. Each subject is taught in a student friendly environment and through activities to achieve the learning outcome prescribed by the CBSE. Students are given ample opportunities to develop the basic skills in 3 languages and mathematics. The Academic Year is divided into two terms: Term I from June to October and Term II from November to March.

Class VI to VIII have English, Hindi, Kannada, Social Science, Science and Mathematics as their subjects. The language French is also made available as third language in the place of Kannada to those who had no exposure to Kannada language.

Class IX and X have English, Hindi, Science, Mathematics and Social Science as their core subjects. Those who have studied 3 years of French are given opportunity to opt for French as their 2nd language instead of Hindi. With valid reasons CBSE allows painting as another option for those who find Hindi difficult as 2nd language. CBSE has also given an option of Mathematics Basic for those who find Mathematics Standard difficult. The School offers Skill subject Information Technology as the 6th subject.

Class XI and XII: The school offers Science stream at Class XI and XII with the four elective subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology/Computer Science. English will be the only language to be studied at this level. The higher level of curriculum, with practicals in each of the subjects, offers greater advantage for students to pursue their future studies, be it Engineering, Medicine or any other stream.