Gandhi Jayanthi

The only virtue I want to claim is truth and Non-violence. I lay no claim to super human powers: I want none.”           – Mahatma Gandhi


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a name which has become synonymous with India’s fight for Independence, has been one such figure who is famous all over the world for his unconventional methods of fighting injustice. From ‘Ahimsa’ to ‘Satyagraha,’ Gandhian techniques are followed by leaders worldwide. So much so, that any story on the Indian freedom struggle becomes incomplete without his mention.


St Aloysius Gonzaga School celebrated his 148th birth anniversary at the Loyola Hall with great zeal, enthusiasm and patriotism through a special assembly which began with the lighting of the lamp by our beloved Principal Mrs. Grace Noronha followed by a rendition of Bapu’s favourite devotional song ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’. The students of class V put up an inspiring programme . The three values adopted by Gandhi – ‘HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL was depicted through a short skit. The students also presented a short narrative on glimpses of life of Gandhi. The Principal spoke on the three main principles of truth, non-violence and peace and how Gandhiji strived tirelessly to attain freedom for the nation through peaceful means using the weapon of non-cooperation and urged the students to imbibe these values within them. The ‘World Vegetarian Day’ was also observed whereby the students of class I and II displayed charts which carried information on the nutritive value of various vegetables and awareness was given to the students. The programme concluded with the National Anthem and distribution of sweets.


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